Vice Minister
Hasan SUVER Deputy Minister

He was born in Sürmene in the year 1961. He finished primary and elementary school in Trabzon, and his high school education in Samsun. He graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Political Science, Department of International Relations. He did master’s degree in Istanbul University, Social Sciences Institute, Department of Social Structure and Social Change, while also writing his graduation dissertation of which subject is “Intellectuals and Social Change”. He has been living in Fatih since 1978. He carried out business activities in the fields of food, hygiene and construction with the company he founded. He actively participated in the political activities starting as of high school, continuing also in the university, post-graduate period and his business life. He is the second founding member of Fatih District Organization of AK (Justice and Development) Party. He was nominated as a candidate by AK Party to be a member of the parliament in 2002. He was elected as a Council Member of Fatih Municipality in the local elections, which was held in March 2004. From March 2004 to April 2018, he took on duty as the Deputy Mayor of Fatih Municipality, First Deputy Chair of the Council and Secretary General of City Council of Fatih for three terms. He held the office as the Mayor of Fatih between 2018 – 2019. Additionally, he was one of the board members in such NGOs as Adnan Kahveci Culture and Assistance Association, Fatih Red Crescent Association, along with the Association of Language and Literature in Fatih.

As fluent in English, SUVER has written four books, which are as follows:

-    Fatihin Kültürel Mirası (Cultural History)
-    Tarihin Tebessümü (Interesting Historical Events)
-    Denemeler (Articles with subjects on city, culture, art, civilization, politics and philosophy)
-    Duyguların İzinde (Poems)

He has been holding the office as the Vice Minister in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization since 26th December 2019. He is married and father of 3.

  • Title Deputy Minister
  • Phone 0 (312) 418 04 99
  • Fax 0 (312) 285 46 18
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